Saturday, September 8, 2018

Homily for the Votive Mass for the Forgiveness of Sins

Fr. John Rizzo offers the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

On Friday, September 7th, Juventutem Boston hosted a Votive Mass for the Forgiveness of Sins, to beg God's forgiveness for those prelates and clergy who have committed the evil acts that are now scandalizing the Church and the whole world. We also asked God to forgive our own sins, knowing that sanctity begins with each and every one of us. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. John Rizzo, and the preacher was our very own Fr. Kwang Lee. His homily is reproduced below.


1. My dear friends, confronted by spectacular evil in the Church (as we have seen in the news recently), we feel (acutely) the desire to "do something" [1].

2. Most of us, however, are not private investigators or lawyers or members of the hierarchy. And, so, we have done what we could. We have expressed our sorrow and dismay to our Catholic leaders. We have offered our prayers for those who have been harmed by clergy sex abuse---for the many victims of these horrific crimes. Perhaps we have even tried to make some reparation to God, who is the principal party offended by sin. (Of course, that is the reason why we are here this evening.)