Founded in 2012, Juventutem Boston promotes the sanctification of youth by means of the traditions of the Catholic Church, faithful to the Church’s teaching and her authorities, and in spiritual union with those young people throughout the world who share our aspirations, incorporated under the International Federation Juventutem.
         The name “Juventutem” (the accusative of the Latin word for “youth”) is a reference to Psalm 42 and the preparatory prayers of the Mass: "I will go unto the altar of God, unto God who gives joy to my youth." “Youth” as intended by Juventutem is not in essence a matter of age, but rather of familiarity with the grace of God.
         Telling of a dream which has become famous, the patron saint of Catholic youth, St John Bosco, described as “three whitenesses” the three fundamental elements of help to Christians: the Holy Eucharist, the Blessed Virgin, and the Holy Father. The young members of Juventutem profess a great love for these “three whitenesses.”

          Juventutem Boston also dedicates itself to an intercessory apostolate, praying with and for our Bishops and Priests in union with His Holiness Pope Francis. 

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Contact us at: juventutemboston@gmail.com