Pope St. John XXIII issued the apostolic constitution Veterum
Sapientia, on the preservation and promotion of Latin

Juventutem Boston’s Fall 2018 Latin course is now open for registration! The cut-off for registration will be Friday, August 17th. Tell your friends!

The course will be taught by one of our members, Tim Lesinski, a professional Latin teacher for Newton Public Schools. Tim has been teaching Latin to students of various ages for six years. Non-members are more than welcome to sign up for this course.

The purpose of the course will be to introduce 18-35 year-olds to the Latin language. It will be for beginners and assume no prior knowledge.

The course will be weekly and run for 13 sessions on Wednesday evenings from 7PM to 9PM, with a short break in the middle. The first session will be held on September 12th, and the final one will be on December 12th. There will be no class on November 21st.

The course fees will be $200 per person, including course materials.* The cost of the course is extremely low compared with other language courses, and we are hoping that this will encourage more people to study and embrace the language of the Church.

$200 will be payable on registration, which is currently open and closes on Friday, August 17th. Course fees will be non-refundable, unless classes need to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, although in the first instance we will try to reschedule classes. If enrollment is too low to run the course, all course fees will be completely refunded.

Payments can be made by making a PayPal transfer to If this method of payment is a problem for any reason, then please send an email so we can discuss. When you send your payment, please also send us an email letting us know you have paid.

The title of the course book is Evagrius Magister, and the pronunciation used will be ecclesiastical.
Classes will be held at the home of one of our members, near the corner of Newburg St. and Belgrade Ave. in Roslindale. There is ample free on-street parking available.

"But amid this variety of languages a primary place must surely be given to that language which had its origins in Latium, and later proved so admirable a means for the spreading of Christianity throughout the West.

And since in God’s special Providence this language united so many nations together under the authority of the Roman Empire — and that for so many centuries — it also became the rightful language of the Apostolic See. Preserved for posterity, it proved to be a bond of unity for the Christian peoples of Europe."

- Pope St. John XXIII, Veterum Sapientia

*Originally we had hoped to be able to provide dinner before each class and include the cost in the course fees. However this has proven to be logistically too complicated, so we will not be able to do this.