Having the opportunity to serve at the altar of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is something that is both incredibly meaningful and incredibly important to the offering of the Tridentine Mass. Without the aid of a group of servers, many of the complex rituals of the Old Rite would be difficult to maintain.

If you are already trained as a server for the Traditional Mass and would like to serve with us, feel free to send us an email. If you would like to serve but have never been trained, Juventutem Boston is here to help!

The majority of the Masses offered and sponsored by Juventutem Boston are either Solemn High Masses or Sung High Masses (Missae Cantatae), depending on whether we have the resources and trained servers. The duties involved with serving at High Masses are more numerous than those involved with serving the Low Mass, which Juventutem Boston offers less frequently. However, learning to serve the Low Mass is instrumental in understanding how to serve at High Mass.

Below, you will find some useful links for learning different aspects of being a server (provided by